Padgett Station is a recipient of . . .

  • The Specialty Coffee Association of America's Golden Cup Award for excellence in coffee brewing 2006
  • AOL Cityguide City’s Best Award 2006
  • NBC17’s Best "Cup of Java" in Orange County 2006

              Coffee  Fair Trade, Organic, Shade-grown

  • Padgett Station House Blend
  • a classic, medium-roasted blend of Central and South American coffees from Costa Rica, Peru & Nicaragua with medium body - bright and sweet with notes of butter and citrus - very clean finish... a great morning cup!


  • Padgett Station Espresso Forte
  • our "strong" house espresso - traditional Italian blend


  • Padgett Station Decaf
  • Swiss water-process - smoky and smooth, slightly sweet


  • Sumatran Blend
  • A smooth, low-acidity, blend of medium and dark-roasted Arabica beans from Sumatra and Guatemala with medium/heavy body - sweet with hints of caramel that is delicious anytime.


  • Moka Java
  • A medium-roasted blend of premium coffees from Sumatra and Ethiopia with medium-to-heavy body that is earthy, spicy and sweet with a finish of chocolate and berries... a classic!


  • Reno’s Blend
  • A medium-roasted Arabica blend of beans from Guatemala, Mexico (Chiapas), Sumatra & Ethiopia with medium-to-heavy body and hints of almond and walnut . . . a Padgett Station exclusive!


  • Eva’s Blend
  • A blend of medium and dark roasted coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, Sumatra & Nicaragua with medium body and hints of tobacco and a sweet finish . . . a Padgett Station exclusive!


  • French Quarter
  • A smooth, sweet (but not sweetened!) blend of medium and dark-roasted coffees from Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Jimma) and Mexico (Chiapas) with rich, medium body and hints of caramel with a bourbon finish . . . a Padgett Station exclusive!


  • Freedom Roast
  • Our French Roast - a smooth blend of low-acidity coffees from Papua New Guinea and Timor with medium body for a flavor that is complex, smoky and piquant, but not burned.


  • No CO2 Peru
  • The world’s first carbon neutral coffee! A sweet velvet roasted Peruvian from Pangoa. Our roaster has calculated the entire carbon load from planting to drinking, and neutralized it with hardwood plantings at Pangoa. Fight Global Warming one cup at a time!



              Tea  Fair Trade, Organic, Kosher

    Some of the world's finest teas.  Our loose leaf teas are stored and steeped in glass for purity of flavor.  Tea service for one or two.  Also available in dry, two-ounce increments.


  • Earl Grey
  • Pure Black
  • Pure Black Decaf
  • Genmaicha  fairly-traded
  • Pure Oolong
  • Citron Oolong    
  • Pure Green
  • Jasmine Pearl
  • Snow Sprout
  • Peach White
  • Pure White
  • Plum Berry
  • Jamaica Red Bush
  • Passion Fruit Rooibos
  • Sweet Mint
  • Lemongrass Mate
  • Pu-erh Ginger


    "Fair Trade"

    The families who work so hard to grow our tasty coffee are fairly paid so that they can afford the things we so often take for granted: their children’s food, shelter, education and medical care.



    grown without any chemical fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides, the way nature intended


    "Shade-grown" (also called "Bird-friendly")

    coffee that is grown under a sun-filtering canopy of mature trees that provide a sanctuary for migratory birds and other animal species, as well as help to prevent soil erosion and the need for chemical herbicides.  Purchasing this coffee helps to preserve these precious forests.




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